Saturday, February 13, 2010

William and Carl Junghans

Here is a photo of Paul and Wilhelminia Junghans' first two children.

William was born September 7, 1887 and Carl was born January 7, 1889.

The photo did not have a date, but I'm guessing that this photo was taken probably toward the end of 1889 or early 1890. The Junghans family was still living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the time this photo was taken.

Census records indicated Paul and Wilhelminia had another child that had died prior to the June 1900 US federal census.

Taking into consideration their three surviving children through June 1900, the possibility of a pregnancy of this unknown child most likely had to have occurred from:

- October 1887 - December 1888
- February 1889 - November 1894
- September 1895 - June 1900

According to the Wisconsin Genealogy index, Milwaukee had the following documented births that fell into these time frames:

Alexander Junghans - January 13, 1899
Heinrich E Junghans - September 18, 1892

Milwaukee had the following documented deaths that occurred prior to June 1900:

- Emil Junghans died 12/15/1990

-three Junghans' deaths listed without a first name:

- June 1, 1892
- July 21, 1898
- July 24, 1899

I don't see the point in ordering these particular records, but I was curious as to who and when this child was born, but I'd guess that it was Heinrich Emil Junghans, born 9/18/1992.

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