Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Junghans watches

I started this project in 2006 because I wanted to verify whether we were related to the Junghans watch dynasty in Schramberg, Germany.

While I haven't gotten any closer to verifying that childhood rumor, I did amass much more information than had previously been assembled on the Junghans family that immigrated to America.

It is surprising how little is known about one's ancestry and occasionally you even discover how little they know about their own parents. That will become rather clear as I post additional documents.

For those that received the CD I compiled in the fall of 2007, some of the entries will be familiar - but I hope to accumulate more photos and documents which I will be posting in the future. I will also be adding to the family tree spreadsheet located in the upper right column.

If anyone has photos or documents of the family, please send me a copy so other Junghans family members may view them.

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