Saturday, February 6, 2010

Paul and Wilhelminia Junghans marriage document

This is is a copy of a marriage document I had ordered from Milwaukee, Wisconsin for my great grandparents, Paul Richard Junghans and Wilhelminia Schmidt.

I had a difficult time reading some of the items but as I accumulated more pieces of the puzzle I was able to decipher more and more of the document.

1. Full Name of husband Paul Junghans
2. Full name of father of husband Heinrich Junghans
3. Full name of mother of husband before marriage Christliebe Kuehn
4. Occupation of husband tanner
5. Residence of husband 467 4 Street, Mil (Milwaukee)
6. Birthplace of husband Ger (Germany)
7. Full name of wife previous to marriage Minna Schmidt
8. Full name of the father of wife Theodore Schmidt
9. Full name of mother of wife, before marriage Auguste Elwert
10. Birthplace of wife Ger (Germany)
11. Time when marriage was contracted Dec 11, 86 (1886)
12. Place or town, and county where marriage was contracted Mil (Milwaukee)
13. The color of the parties wh (white)
14. By what ceremony contracted Germ. Ref. Ch (German Reform Church)
15. Names of subscribing witnesses Chas. Schmidt/Ludwig Neetzou
16. Name of person pronouncing marriage Henry C Nott
17. Residence of person last named 495 4th Street, Mil
18. Date of certificate or affidavit of marriage Dec 11 '86'
19. Date of registration Dec 16 '86'
20. Any additional circumstances (blank)

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