Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Marriage - Otto Jr & Ella Junghans and Martha & John Dvonik

Otto and Hulda Junghans' children were both married in Mequon, Wisconsin.

Eldest child Otto was married to Ella Heiden. Their license was issued on January 11, 1910.

Here is a photo of the wedding of Martha Junghans and John Dvonik. While I do not know the other people in the photo, it's likely Martha's brother Otto and parents Otto Sr and Hulda are also in the photo.

If I were to make a guess, Otto Sr and Hulda Junghans are to the left of Martha (with the veil) in the center and standing behind them, Otto Jr and Ella Junghans.

I have yet to meet anyone that is able to verify the rest of the people in the photo.

This photo of Martha Junghans and John Dvonik was taken in 1913, presumably after they were married.

Martha Junghans and John Dvonik's marriage license was issued December 16, 1912.

I don't know the exact date they were married, but I would assume it was sometime in December, though census records (considering their inaccuracies) indicated 1913.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Otto and Hulda Junghans' children

Otto and Hulda Junghans had two children:

- Otto Carl, born October 5, 1884 in Mequon, Wisconsin
- Martha, born April 1, 1887 in Mequon, Wisconsin

Here is a photo of Martha Junghans, (far left) possibly taken in 1910.

I do not know the names of the other 4 women in the photo.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

1900 US Federal Census - Emil Junghans

In 1900, older brother Emil, wife Julia and 9 of their surviving 10 children (Henry, Otto, Ernst, Alvin, Elizabeth, John Frederick, Albert, Frank and Hulda) were living in Vincennes, Indiana.

Eldest brother Julius had already started his own family by 1900.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

1900 US Federal Census - Paul Junghans

As I previously posted, Paul and Wilhelminia Junghans were living on their farm in Clark County Wisconsin, along with three children, William, Carl and Paul.

This is the first time I'd seen "Charles" and "Powell", which is another example of how difficult it can be trying to track down your ancestors with inaccurate information. Though "Minnie" was another common name for Wilhelminia.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

1900 US Federal Census - Otto Junghans

Yesterday I was curious as to who was living in the Junghans' household during the 1895 Wisconsin Census and decided to track down the 1900 US Federal Census for some clues.

In 1900 Otto and Hulda Junghans, their children Otto Jr and Martha were living at the home of Hulda's parents, Ehrenfried and Augusta Hahmann. (Though Otto was listed as head of household).

This pretty much answers the question as to who was living in the household in 1895, though I do not know who the 7th person may have been.

Friday, March 19, 2010

1895 Wisconsin Census - Otto Junghans

Wisconsin had a mid-decade census in 1895. Otto is listed on the left side, 12th down.

The census doesn't list the other household members by name, but does indicate there were 4 males and 3 females living in the home. It also indicates 4 were born in Germany and 3 were born in the United States.

The 1910 US Federal Census indicated that Otto and Hulda had 2 children, Otto Jr and Martha, so it's difficult to determine who were the other 3 residents of the household - family members, boarders or laborers.

I am presently searching for Paul Junghans' record, but there are several pages to go through. If I find it, I'll post it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mequon Plat Maps

Here is the 1873 Mequon Plat Map. Otto Junghans' father in law, Ehrenfried Hahmann owned the property on Donges Bay Road.

Here is the 1892 Mequon Plat Map. The property had been transferred over to Otto Junghans.

Here is the 1921 Mequon Plat Map. Otto Junghans was still listed as the property owner.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Otto and Hulda Junghans' Mequon home

I was in Mequon, Wisconsin I took these photos of the house they lived in about 120 years ago.

The house is located on Donges Bay Road outside the town of Mequon.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


While Paul Junghans and family had been starting his family, older brother Otto was living in Mequon, Wisconsin.

Otto and wife Hulda settled on a farm located at 8519 W Donges Bay, which had been built by Hulda's father or grandfather, Ehrenfried Hamann in 1860.

The city of Mequon put up a sign indicating the property is now a landmark.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Leaving Neillsville

On January 20, 1914, Paul and Wilhelmina sold their property in Clark County, Wisconsin and moved to Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.

According to this document, they sold the property for $1 along with a $2000 mortgage.

The mortgage was taken out 4 years earlier, on April 2, 1910.

Considering they bought the property in 1900 for $2600, it doesn't appear that they had a very good return on investment for the 14 years they lived on the farm.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Neillsville, Wisconsin

The Junghans family lived just outside of the town of Neillsville. Here is a photo of the city, taken approximately 100 years ago.

Here is an old photo of the Armory. I did not take a photo when I was there in 2007, but the building is still there.

Here is an old photo of the Hewitt Street Bridge and Roller Mill on Oneill Creek.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Paul Junghans Pine Valley township home

I had taken some photos of the Junghans' home in Pine Valley township during my trip in August 2007. I don't know if any family members have photos of how the property looked while they lived there from 1900 - 1914, but this is how it looked a couple of years ago.

The house

A barn

Barns and silos

Looking at the property from the road.