Thursday, February 11, 2010

E H Yunghans Cigars

My great grandfather Paul's older brother had moved from Germany to Indiana. I never knew anything about him until a couple of years ago when I was provided his family tree that I organized onto the spreadsheet I had started to create in 2005.

Other than family members mentioning a couple of the Junghans brothers had lived in Vincennes, Indiana and changed the spelling to Yunghans, the only document I'd seen was a reference in an obituary to a brother living in Vincennes. Once I was provided the names, I then came across Emil's passport application which was posted yesterday. Hopefully I'll locate more and post those as I find them.

I discovered this document a couple of days ago about the cigar company he owned in Indiana.

In spite of the misspellings of the name, these types of documents are invaluable for confirming information and opening the door to other avenues of research.

I came across this article from a book published in 1902, "Vincennes in Pictures and Story".


  1. I am the great granddaughter of Emil Younghans, my mother was the youngest daughter of one of Emil's sons - Albert C. Younghans. I'm just now starting to go through information we found when my Aunt passed away earlier this summer.

    1. I am also Emil's great grandson. My grandfather was Alvin Yunghans, one of Emil's children. Alvin had one son, Roland: my father, still alive at 92. I'm David, my son is Erik. If anyone wants to contact me
      Do so thru LinkedIn or my email: Love to learn more about my family.