Monday, February 8, 2010

German Reform Church - Milwaukee

The above map depicts the location of the German Reform Church at 497 4th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin where Paul and Wilhelminia were married in 1886. (Ignore the arrow pointing to 487 4th Street.)

Below is a plat map that shows the church (again) and 467 4th Street where Paul resided at the time of his marriage.

The church where Paul and Wilhelminia were married in 1886 no longer exists. It is now a parking lot (photo below). It was also an overcast day when I took the photo in August 2007.

Initially I thought it was the church (below) but the owner of the property (along with a body shop next door) had a plat map. Based upon his information, I went to the Milwaukee downtown library for the above detailed maps.

The church that remains today is the St. John's Bohemian Parish which is across the street from where the German Reform Church used to be.

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