Friday, December 24, 2010

William Junghans and family

Here is a photo of Wilhelmina (Schmidt) and Paul Richard Junghans' son William and family.

From left to right, standing:

Alton and Marian Becker, Della, Evelyn, William, Olga,  Bill (or William Jr) Junghans


Sharon, Phyllis, Roylne Junghans

Front row:

Phillip, Bobby and Cecilia (Sally) Junghans

Alton was the husband of Marian (Fields Junghans).
Della (Phillips) was the wife of William Junghans.
Evelyn (Gaulke) was the wife of Kenneth Junghans, the eldest son of Della and William.
Olga (Appleby) was the wife of William Junghans Jr.

Sharon, Phyllis, Roylne were the children of Evelyn and Kenneth Junghans.

Phillip, Bobby and Cecilia (Sally) were the children of Olga and William Junghans Jr.

Based upon Phillip's age, this photo was taken in 1953 or 1954.

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