Saturday, December 25, 2010

Kenneth Junghans and family

 Here is a photo of Wilhelmina (Schmidt) and Paul Richard Junghans' son William with family.

Unfortunately when I labeled this photo, either I wasn't provided all of the names or I made an error, but my best guess, left to right:

Back row:  Kenneth,  Olga,  William 

Middle row: Sharon, Evelyn, Della, Robert,  Richard, Victoria

Front row: Phyllis, Roylyne

First row: Cecilia (Sally)

Kenneth was the eldest child of Della (Phillips) and William Junghans

Olga (Appleby) was the wife of William Junghans Jr

Phyllis, Roylyne and Sharron were the children of Evelyn (Gaulke) and Kenneth Junghans

Cecilia (Sally) and Robert were the children of Olga (Appleby) and William Junghans Jr.

Richard was the son of Victoria (Billings) and Paul Junghans

If I have the correct names, this photo was taken late 1943 or early 1944 and was shot either by Paul or William Junghans Jr since they aren't in the photograph.

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