Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Olga (Appleby) and William Junghans Jr - family wedding photo

Here is a photo of Wilhelmina (Schmidt) and Paul Richard Junghans' eldest son, William and wife Della (Phillips) and family. 

This is apparently a photo taken for the wedding of William and Della's son, William Jr to Olga Appleby who were married on June 27, 1937.

In the back row on the right, "Grandma Junghans" is actually Della and "Grandpa Junghans" is William.

I also see in the back row (4th from the left) is a gentleman standing,  (facing away from the camera to his left), which may be my great grandfather, Paul Richard Junghans.    I'm not sure why his name was omitted from the photo description, but it would seem unusual for him to not have been a part of the photo and at the wedding of his grandson, since he was still living at the time.

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