Monday, April 4, 2016

The sons of Carl Heinrich Junghans

I stumbled upon a comment left by Peggy Bailey (thank you Peggy) that confirmed a photo of Emil Yunghans.

Now that I have a photo of all the Junghans brothers that left Germany in the 1800's and came to America as either a Junghans or Yunghans, here they are:

Emil Yunghans
Emil Yunghans, the eldest son of Christliebe Kuehn and Carl Heinrich Junghans.

Otto Heinrich Junghans, Paul Richard Junghans & Carl F Yunghans
Otto Heinrich was the third child, Paul Richard was the fourth (and last) child and Carl Frederick was the second child born to Christliebe Kuehn and Carl Heinrich Junghans.

The two eldest brothers, Emil Heinrich and Carl Frederick changed their last name to Yunghans from Junghans sometime after they left Germany for America.    The two younger brothers, Otto Heinrich and Paul Richard opted to keep the "J".

Unfortunately I have yet to find a photo of the Yunghans/Junghans brothers together or of their parents.

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