Sunday, October 10, 2010

William Junghans children and grandchildren - about 1953

Jumping ahead a few years, here is a photo of Wilhelmina (Schmidt) and Paul Richard Junghans' son William along with a few members of his side of the family.

From left to right:

Kenneth, William, Margie, Della, and Dale.

Behind the door, Alton Becker (Marian's first husband).

In front, Sharyn Becker.

-Margie was the wife of Kenneth's brother, Harlow.
-Della was the wife of William.
-Dale, the son of Harlow and Margie.
-Sharyn, the daughter of Marian and Alton.

Based upon the age of Dale and Sharyn, this photo was probably taken around 1953.

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